Grants and research programs

Grant Institut des Systèmes Complexes – “Modelizing lymphocyte cancer – epistemological problems of systemic biology (with Laurent Vallat and Arnaud Pocheville), 2007-2008 (Eur. 20000)

Grant France Canada Research fund “Challenges to evolutionary theory: Problems of development in evolution” ($ 10000), 2008-2010

Grant CNRS-EDD “Ecological engineering”, project : “The stability of ecosystem”, with Minus Van Baalen, ecology, Paris VI  (60 000 E.)

Principal Investigator Projet ANR- Explabio: “The space of explanations in evolutionary biology” (2013-2017), 185 000€.

Projet: “Historical and philosophical perspectives on the Modern Synthesis”, 2013-2014, Paris I Sorbonne (20 000€)

Projet “Les savoirs de l’environnement”, Pres Hesam. (47 000€) (2014-2015)

Directeur du GDR “Savoirs de l’environnement et humanités environnementales” (SAPIENV) Unité GDR 3770 du CNRS.

Responsable Laboratoire International CNRS Montréal-IHPST  ECIEB “Epistemological and conceptual issues in evolutionary biology” – woith the participaton of IHPST Toronto (2015-2019) (14000€ / an)


Team leader in Evo-Eco, “From evolution to ecology”, Jean Gayon (PI), funded by Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), 2008-2011

Team leader in Causa Proba, “Causation and probability”, Jacques Dubucs (PI), funded by Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), 2008-2011



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