Other scientific responsibilities

  • Responsible of “Duke-Montreal-Toronto-Paris Consortium for the Philosophy of Biology” since its creation  (2005-)
  • Steering Committee Member European graduate Meeting for the Philosophy of Life Sciences. (2009-)
  • Member of  Scientific committee of program « Ecological engineering ». CNRS – INEE. (2010-)
  • Coresponsible of the Complexity panel, for restructuring the Ecology & Environment Department (INEE) of CNRS  (2008) : Complexity in the environmental and ecological sciences (coed. with P. Bourgine, L. Doyen), opening lecture for the inaugural conference of the  INEE (may 2009)
  • Member of HOPOS Nominations Committee (since 2016)
  • Program Committee Member (and proceedia evaluator).
    • Program Committee. ECAL (European Conference on Artificial Life) 2009.
    • Models and Simulation Conference 2009 Toronto .
    • Program Committee EPSA 2016 (Lausanne)
    • Metaphysics of Science Conference 2015 (Rutgers)
    • Program Committee East European Network for Philosphy of Science Conference (June 2016)

Organizer of International Conferences.

  1. Les Nouveaux Paradigmes de l’Ecologie. Ecole thématique du CNRS. Cargese. Mars, 2-9, 2009.
  2. European Advanced Symposium in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Fondation Brocher, Genève, Septembre 2012. “Ex vivo, in vivo, in vitro, in silico: models in the life sciences.” (Organizer.) (program)

3. Meeting International Society for Philosophy, History and Social Sciences of Biology, Montpellier, Juillet 2013 (Cochair organization committee. 650 Participants.).

Organisation of workshops / symposia (2004-2015)

  1.  Kant and biology , International Society for Eighteenth Century Studies (ISECS) Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles, août 2003
  2. Is there a kantian tradition in biology ?, Vienna, International society of history and philosophy of biology conference (ISHSSPB),  Juillet 16-20 2003.
  3. Symposium The scientific roots of the philosophical debate on the concept of function in biological and social sciences. International Congress of History of Science, Pékin, juillet 2005
  4. Repsonsible (with F. Longy) of seminar “Fonctions: analyse philosophique”, IHPST, ANR “Le concept de fonction dans les sicences biomédicales”. Paris, 2004-2007.
  5. Workshop Function and selection, Paris, IHPST, Juin 2005
  6. Emergence : issues in philosophy of sciences (with Jacques Dubucs)  IHPST, Paris, Avril 29-30, 2004.
  7. Philosophy of biology : about norms in living beings, Paris, Rehseis (CNRS), Mars 11, 2005
  8. Symposium Revising the etiological theory of functions, or adopting pluralism ?, ISHPSSB, Guelph (Canada), Juillet 2005
  9. Conference Functional explanation and teleology, A tribute to Larry Wright, Paris, IHPST, Nov 9-11 2005
  10. The status of organisms in evolutionary theory (with E. Fox-Keller), Rehseis (CNRS), Paris, Mai 2006
  11. Symposium “Experiment and observation in 18th century lifescience”, HOPOS, Paris, Juin 2006
  12. Responsible with Paul Humphreys du  workshop “Emergence”, IHPST, automne 2005
  13. Symposium “Computational emergence and its applications”, PSA, Vancouver 2006.
  14. 2nd meeting of the Duke-Montreal-Toronto-Paris Consortium for the ¨philosophy of Biology, Paris, Mai 2007 (Causation in biology)
  15. Symposium New issues in individuality and units of selection, ISHPSSB, Exeter, Juillet 2007
  16. Workshop “Organisms as ecologies”, Paris, ENS Nov. 2007. (with J. Odling Smee, M. Feldman, S.Okasha, G. Milon, M. Morange, R. Ferrière).
  17. Conference “Adaptationism in biology and philosophy”, Pitt/IHPST Conference series, Paris Juin 2008
  18. Symposium “The readings of the modern Synthesis and the philosophy of biology”, HOPOS Conference, Juin 2008, Vancouver
  19. History and philosophy of organism (coorg C. Wolfe), Workshop in history and philosophy of life sciences, avril et décembre 2008, IHPST, Paris
  20. Philosophy of probabilities in physics and in biology, org. with J. Berkowitz, Causaproba project, Paris, IHPST, Février  2009
  21. Challenges to evolution: development and inheritance. Part I, Inheritance. Paris, Mai 28-30 2009, IHPST. (financé par FCFR)
  22. “Economical concepts and evolutionary biology: exploring the interplay.“ Symposium ISHPSSB Conference, Brisbane, Juillet 2009.
  23. Reduction and emergence in the sciences. Pittsburgh, Center for Philsosophy of science. Décembre  2009.
  24. Causation at multiple levels. (org. with Isabelle Drouet) IHPST, Paris, March 2009-12-28
  25. Challenges to evolutionary II. Inheritance. (org. with Denis Walsh) Toronto, March 19-21, 2010
  26. Optimisation in economy and evolution (org. with Samir Okasha). Paris, Avril 2010
  27. Emergence of evolutionary and ecological individuals, Paris, Mai 2010 (Stabeco program).
  28. Interpreting the Modern Synthesis and sketching the agenda for philosophers of biology. Paris, IHPST, Nov. 11,2010.
  29. Symposium Exploring the complementarity between economics and recent evolutionary theory. PSA 2010, Montreal, Nov. 2010.
  30. Responsible du séminaire annuel du programme Evo-Eco (ANR). 2009-2011.
  31. Organisms as ecosystems, ecosystems as organisms. (Stabeco program). Paris, December 16-17 2010.
  32. Workshop Philosophy and the life sciences in the 18th century. Paris, 13-14 Janvier 2012.
  33. Conference Time of nature, nature of time. (Org. with Christophe Bouton), Université de Bordeaux, 26-28 Septembre 2012.
  34. Workshop “Human enhancement” (with S. Sorgner).. IHPST, Paris, 5 juillet 2012.
  35. Symposium “Was the Modern Synthesis actually a synthesis, and in what sense?” History of Science Society, Philadelphia, Juillet 2012
  36. Symposium “La Synthèse Moderne fut-elle vraiment une Synthèse, et que doit être une synthèse évolutionnaire ?Congrès de la SPS, Juin 2012.Worshop InSHS : Système Terre, Monde Social – Environnement et SHS, questions émergentes et approches réflexives (with Sébastien Dutreuil). IHPST, 9-10 Janvier           2013.
  37. Workshop “Information : trash or treasure?”, 18-19 Novembre 2014, coorg. L. Riboli-Sasco (ANR Explabio)
  38. Workshop Care et environnement (coorg. V. Maris, J. Delord), 29-30 Janvier 2015, Paris IHPST.
  39. Workshop Evolution and systems biology, Paris, Labex Who I am/ANR Explabio, 17 Juin 2015

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